General Conditions for the Spanish courses in Salamanca, Spain - CONTRAT

Instituto Español de Salamanca. C.B.  N.I. E  E. 37.299.377
C/ Pedro Cojos nº 7, 37001 Salamanca (España)

  • Berceo may have made some modification to the contents of the pamphlet / web information since its publication which, in any case, will be found out by the student on signing the present contract.
  • In order to formalise the registration the student must provide the properly completed inscription sheet. This can be sent by email, fax, post or direct registration with the secretary at the Spanish school BERCEO.
  • The student who registers for the course offered by BERCEO will the required to give 150 € for seat reserve before the Spanish course begins. This amount will later be deducted from the total price of the Spanish course.
  • The student will need to pay the total price of the Spanish course within the first few days of the classes beginning. From this amount we will then deduct the 150 € paid for reservation.
  • The prices of the Spanish courses and other services are valid over the course of the year year and can be found by the public on the Institute noticeboard and on the Internet.
  • The price of the course includes:
    a) The photocopied material distributed by the teacher
    b) Other activities announced as free
  • At the student´s request, BERCEO will send a certificate of the course detailing the number of hours, features and student´s achievements according to the staff's Spanish evaluation, at no extra cost.
  • The price of the course does not include extracurricular activities or other services not specified as free.
  • The student, on the payment of the preinscription and the Spanish course, will receive an formalised invoice to be used as payment confirmation.
  • Regarding the lodging: whenever it has been reserved by BERCEO, the student will pay the complete amount during the first few days of stay directly to BERCEO.


  • BERCEO will not return the payment for the preinscription or reservation once it has been formally registered. For matters of great importance, the Institute will keep this amount for a year after the date of cancellation so that the student can carry out the course they registered for, or one of similar characteristics, during this period. They should take into account at the time of returning to make the registration for the new wished period whether or not the required Spanish course exists.
  • BERCEO will not under any circumstances return the preinscription or course payment once the Spanish course has begun.
  • BERCEO will not issue certificates for the purposes of obtaining a Visa if the complete payment for the Spanish course has not yet been paid. In no case once the student certificates have been sent will we refund the money.
  • BERCEO reserves the right to cancel the course and lodging if the payment is not made in the way mentioned above. This also applies if the a student does not respect the rules of the school or behaves inadequately in any of our classes, lodgings or activities. The Spanish school does not receive any comission to provide the lodging.
  • The services contracted with BERCEO are regulated by all the above conditions, in accordance with the regulations of the effective civil legislation regarding the rights of the consumer, Decree 13/2005 of the Meeting of Castilla y Leon.


  • This service of allocation to Spanish families or flats in Salamanca is free. BERCEO acts as a link between the students and families. This assumes that the individual students will pay directly to the families. The payment must be made within the first three days of arrival. In order to truly become integrated with the experience of a Spanish family it is advisable to respect the household norms and participate as much as possible with their family life. Unless the family says otherwise the general rule is that you should not have friends or companions in the house after 9pm. Clothes washing is an optional service and if you do not wish for this service, you may not be able to do the washing in the family´s house.
  • The apartments in Salamanca include the bed clothes but you should bring towels and other items for personal use with you. All the apartments have a complete kitchen with the necessary equipment and washing machine. Electricity and water are included in the price. Cleaning common areas of the house should be taken in turns by all the members of the household.

IMPORTANT NOTE: on arrival at the Institute the student will need to present the receipt of their payment and a normal-sized photograph card.