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These Spanish courses are programmed in three levels for students who wish to obtain any DELE (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) only official Spansih titles sent by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain and the Cervantes Institute.

study DELE in Salamanca, Spain, at Academia BERCEOThose levels have two annual calls that are made in the months of May and November. There is a extraordinary calls in August (to consult dates with Berceo). The tests will consist of five parts: Spanish grammar and vocabulary, Spanish oral expression, Spanish understanding of reading, Spanish written expression and auditory understanding. Given the character of these examinations, the INSTITUTE OF SPANISH BERCEO offers monthly and quarterly Spanish courses of specific preparation for these examinations.

These Spanish courses have the following daily content: 

-1 hour of theory and grammar practice
-1 hour of oral expression
-1 hour listening and phonetic understanding by means of audio-visual.
-1 hour of reading understanding and written expression
-1 hour of vocabulary and special registries of the Spanish; colloquial Spanish, modismos...