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The goal of the SPANISH SCHOOL BERCEO is to ensure that our students learn to understand, speak and write Spanish in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort, and that this knowledge remains engraved in their memory forever. In order to achieve this objective most efficiently our teaching system incorporates the most up to date methods and technology. Our curriculum concentrates on communication without neglecting the formal aspect of language teaching.

 Our courses of spanish:

  • The lessons are distributed of Monday through Friday.
  • 10 students maximum by class.
  • The first day of course a test of classification oral and written will take place to assign to each student the level that better adapts to its previous slight knowledge.
  • We have a scholastic calendar where the dates of course beginning are specified, but is possible to begin every Monday. If you do not have any previous knowledge of Spanish, we advised to you to begin first or the second day of course according to the calendar proposed by the Institute. If you cannot adaptarte now, you can contact us.

BERCEO is open throughout the year and offers an ample range of courses of 2 to 5 hours daily for the particular necessities of each one. Like means school so large, we are the sufficiently great thing to assure a program education correctly structured, and at the same time we are the sufficiently small thing to guarantee the individual care and attention that the student needs, and all it in the sense of friendship and international understanding that is something very special in our school.

actividadesWe incorporated in our courses all the skills and microskills: theory and grammar practice, comunicativas practices, auditory understanding, understanding of reading, written expression, oral interaction, vocabulary, phonetics. We structured our classrooms with a maximum of ten students. This way, the professor can value without difficulty the individual variables, develop open and creative exercises that allow the active use of the Spanish language, tasks which they imply the understanding and the interaction, as well as of incorporating by means of negotiation procedures and consults, the necessities and the expectations of the students to the process of education and learning. 

GRAMMAR THEORY AND PRACTICE: Thanks to the explanation of the theory, the student learns the grammatical structure, morphology and syntax at each level. By means of written and oral exercises the student puts into practice the knowledge acquired previously.

AURAL COMPREHENSION: With the help of audio and video cassettes the student gains an intensive and wide ranging experience of the language. This also enables the student to understand the essential meaning of a paragraph, extract relevant information, gauge the attitude of speaker, etc.

TEXTUAL COMPREHENSION: The students reading ability and vocabulary are developed by the use of widely differing material - from simple texts to literary ones.

SPOKEN SPANISH: much of the time spent in the classroom is devoted to Spanish speaking and pronunciation. Students often work in pairs or small groups. They have the opportunity to take part in all sorts of activities: discussions and debates, textual analysis and simulation, problem solving and homework.

ñWRITTING: By means of creative writing work such as answering letters, writing notes and messages, articles and stories, essays, criticisms and reports, commercial writing, grammatical structures are established and vocabulary is expanded until the student is able to express him or herself correctly in writing.

We try to follow a balanced program throughout the day and for the duration of the course. Our aim is to be accurate, to help the student grasp the grammatical structure, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary and the written language - to make him or her fluent in Spanish. Our method has enabled thousands of students to return to their own countries with a knowledge of Spanish which is both competent and creative.

We have six different levels of language, classified according to the proposal that the Council makes of Cultural Cooperation European, from the student who has never had contact with the language until which, having an ample competition in Spanish, he requires to reinforce or to recycle some of its aspects. The first day of course a test of classification oral and written will be made to assign to each student the level that better adapts to its previous knowledge: